March 18, 2020

"This was my first time using movers; I was always afraid my stuff would be damaged if I used movers. Since we were moving out of our apartment into a house I bought, I figured that using movers for the last time I'm moving is worth paying movers for. Our two man moving team was AMAZING! Our movers were professionals, and moved everything very quickly. We did our due diligence by moving things that we wanted the movers to move into the living room to make it easier on them. They worked quickly, laughed at my dumb jokes, and got everything moved out and moved into the new house in 2.5 hours. They moved everything where it needed to be, and even helped arrange our upstairs living room area to make it completely functional. I am usually a cheapskate and hate paying for things I can make at home (food) or things I can do myself (moving). As I've gotten older I've learned that sometimes it's worth paying someone else to do something for you because the stress of doing it yourself is not worth it. With Austex, it was worth every. Single. Penny. If you are using movers, I cannot recommend Austex enough. They helped us have the most stress-free move of my life!"
December 20, 2019

"This crew was awesome! They moved me from my apartment in Georgetown to a house in Lampasas. It only took them 4 hours! The last moving crew I had took at least 6 hrs and they were only moving me right down the road! These guys are personable and so friendly. You immediately feel comfortable putting your belongings in their hands! I'll be using these guys again! This was an easy 5 star rating for me."
October 29, 2019

"Austex Moving was outstanding in every aspect. VERY professional. On time. ZERO issues. Highly recommend! If you’re looking for a low stress moving company this is it!!"
October 21, 2019

"Best movers EVER! Exceptional! Professional! Will get the job done everytime! Don't get fooled or hood winked by others. Austex movers has never damaged any of my furniture. Their movers know what to do. I extremely and highly recommend Austex Moving."
July 29, 2019

General Manager

" What a great experience for our residents. The gents that assisted our residents were so professional with every aspect of the move. Seth, Randy and Michael should be commended for their service. With several more move ins expected at 70 Rainey we will refer to our residents the use of Austex Moving. "
Austex Moving